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  Guests love to book their trips online! Every year the numbers of vacations booked online increase. Guest want an easy, efficient, secure system to handle their vacation booking. The days of emailing documents back and forth are over! Don't put your guest through that any longer. Here are some actual testimonials from guest that have used theivacationonline.combooking system.

ivacationonline.com Guest Testimonials.

We've never rented from a private owner before, but we found the booking site very easy and convenient. We would certainly use it again. Hope this helps!!


We were very happy with the booking process. It was easy, the pictures were great, there were no surprises. Yes, we have booked vacation homes many times before and your site was very nice and convenient and we would use it again.

Tamah S.

I am happy to share our experience with booking our on-line vacation rental:

Convenient: Yes
Use Again: Absolutely
User Friendly: Very
Use Credit Card: Yes
Rented from Others: No

Something you didn't ask and I found valuable was your quick response to questions, extra information, and quick deposit return which were all excellent.

Renea F.

In general I found the on-line booking system very useful and user friendly. It was particularly helpful in getting information on various rentals.

Because I needed a rental from Monday through Sunday I had to make e-mail contact directly with Joe Godar so he could approve and "change the system" to accept renting for those dates.

Our vacation experience once there was excellent.


The online booking was super convenient! I would definitely use this system again. It was very user friendly, except for the fact that I wanted the unit for less than a week, but you responded to my e-mail very promptly regarding this. I always use my debit card to book trips, and since most people have debit cards, they have the option to use credit or debit. This was the first time I rented directly from a private owner, as previously I went through a real estate company. I was just lucky enough to locate your property through a search! The whole experience was great, especially since you were so prompt and helpful.

Thanks again!

Rebecca D.

This time was the first time I booked a vacation reservation on-line. I thought it was convenient and the system worked well for us. I would not hesitate to use the system again. I have rented a private house before but it was done through a local individual that represented the owner. His method was phone calls and then e-mail messages. His method did not allow us to see pictures of what we were renting. Also, his method was not as prompt as you were to refund the deposit. In summary, we liked your system better.

Wayne H.

Yes, it was very convenient. We would definitely use it again to book our vacation!

Amy F.


I found the site to be very easy to use and would definitely use it again. As a matter of fact, I have recommended it to a couple of other people just recently. I plan to use this again in the future. (and as a side note, will definitely try to get your unit again)...


I loved the online booking! I have rented directly from owners in the past and the way they made me wait on faxes and emailing of documents was not very convenient. One owner took too long to get me the documents so we went elsewhere. Now we only book with an owner that takes credit cards, so we know we have the unit booked. Thanks for providing this service.

Jill C.

We have rented from private owners before, however this was the easiest way to do it. I felt very comfortable using my credit card. It was easier than writing a check. We will definitely try this again.


It was very easy to book on line! When we were down in March we rented through the owner directly...that seemed to be a little more involved, so I liked this approach better. Overall it was a simple process and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again!! (always hoping!)

Thanks and kind regards
Teija J.

I would definitely useivacationonline.comagain. I found it to be very user friendly. My sister and I could be talking on the phone and we could be looking at the same place, which made it much easier for us to find a place that suited our needs. Especially since we would be staying together on this vacation. My sister lives about an hour and a half from me, so we could compare notes and houses, as to what we would need for our trip. We have rented from a private owner before, and prefer to rent from owners, because the places are usually much cleaner, and better cared for. The difference in booking is kind of hard to explain, because this particular owner lives in our area and we usually just give him a call. We were just as comfortable with you as we are with our other person. After sending e-mails back and forth, and speaking to you on the phone, I really didn't feel any apprehension at all. We do look forward to booking again with you. I was very satisfied with the House, and the pics on the web site were right on, as far as how the house looked and the location in the complex.

I Thank You,
Tina L.

We booked your vacation property in Destin last weekend and really look forward to our vacation in Florida.

The whole experience of looking up your property, learning about the area, and booking it online via ivacationonline was very positive.


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