Check-In time is 3:00 pm Eastern Standard time. Every effort will be made to have the cabin ready but during peak season there may be a slight delay and your patience is greatly appreciated.

Check-out is promptly at 10am, NO EXCEPTIONS! There is a charge of $25 for each hour that you are late. Once you complete the departure checklist, call Amanda at (865)776-4363 and leave a message stating that you are checking out of Smoky's Retreat. This will be a local call if you call from the cabin.


Payment schedule: 50% of total due at time of reserving; 50% due 30 days prior to check-in date. 100% due at time of reserving if within 30 days of check-in date. Cancelation of reservation and refund policy applies if second payment is more than a week late and no arrangements have been made for acceptance of late payment.

A Damage Deposit will be placed on hold on your credit card for your stay and will be released three (3) days after your departure. We strictly inforce the damage deposit and if any damage exceeds the Damage Deposit held you will be charge the remaining amount to your credit card. We will provide details, pictures and receipts when the damage deposit is used.


If the guest pays the full balance on time, they can receive:

For a 50% refund, cancellation must be made 28 full days prior to local check-in time on the day of check-in, which is 3pm eastern time, otherwise it will be 25% refund up until 14 days prior to check-in date. Less than 14 full days will be no refund.

There are no refunds for bad weather, rain, snow, no-shows, late arrival or early departure. Independent travel insurance is recommended during the winter and early spring months.

**See the section below about travel insurance. Highly advised if you are worried about possible health or weather/travel issues. You will need to contact your travel agent to verify services provided.


Please limit occupancy to the cabin maximum of 10 people (babies and children count as a person and part of the 10) and adhere to the NO ANIMALS and NO SMOKING policy. With the cabin only having 3 bedrooms and 2 sleeper sofas, cabin is recommended for 6 adults and 4 minor children. In the event of damages or extra cleaning requirements, additional charges may be applied. Linens and towels are provided along with basic kitchenware and utensils. A starter supply only of soap, dish washing detergent, toilet paper, trash bags, and paper towels will be provided. Upon arrival, please report any damages, shortage of supplies, or housekeeping issues immediately. Please review the check-in material and abide by hot tub procedures, rules, and precautions. For a fee, housekeeping can make a mid-week clean and pick up trash for those staying a longer.

**NO House parties allowed. In the event that an animal/pet is brought on the property, there is a House Party, exceeding the cabin occupancy maximum, or the Police has to be called to the property, the reservation will be canceled and all guests will be evicted with no refund of unused nightly rental.


We offer one of the cleanest cabins in the Smokies with the highest standards of Quality and Excellence! Due to that extra care and premium service, all reservations will be billed a housekeeping fee. Also, in accordance with our commitment to excellence and the Sevier County Health Department, the hot tub is drained, cleaned, and refilled prior to each check-in. The hot tub fee is included in the Cleaning Fee. Additionally, we require a damage deposit to be held. Once you have checked out and housekeeping has checked and inventoried the cabin, your damage deposit after any damages or additional fees will be released. You will also receive pictures of any excessive damage or trash if you are charged an additional cleaning or damage fee.


Guests assume full responsibility for all damages, excessive cleaning charges, or any missing items including but not limited to linens and towels. Smoky's Retreat cannot be held responsible for items left in the cabin, please double check before you depart. Please read the departure instructions in the cabin. If these procedures are not followed an excessive cleaning fee will be charged.

Smoky’s Retreat will NOT be held responsible for any personal damage or injuries sustained inside or outside the cabin. The steps in the cabin are wooden. Like all steps, you will need to hold the rail when going up and down along with keeping up with all children to make sure they don’t mistakenly fall down them.


From March 1 through October 1, the gas supply will be turned off by the gas company and locked. The fireplace in the Great Room is NOT to be used during this time. Dampers and fireplace controls are NOT to be touch or altered in anyway. If a gas repairman has to be called to fix the gas fireplace because gas logs or controls have been altered, a $125 service fee will be charged to you.

**NO items will be burned in the fireplace (example: no burning of wood/sticks, melting of marshmallows in the fireplace or burning of any other material in the fireplace) or cabin. Any damage to logs or fireplace will be withheld from the damage deposit.


Fire pits are NOT allowed anywhere on the property. With the cabin located in a forest that has experience droughts and major forest fires over the years, fire pits are a fire hazard and also NOT allowed by the HOA. In the event a guest has one, the HOA will fine the property owner and we will in turn take the $200 fine out of the damage deposit provided for the reservation.


Please remember there are certain health risks that are associated with using a hot tub. Our housekeepers drain, sanitize, refill and replenish chemicals in our tub prior to your arrival therefore it may not be warm till later that evening. Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons. DO NOT STAND ON THE HOT TUB COVERS, they will break and you will be charged for replacement. Remember when not using the hot tub, leave the cover on so the hot tub will stay warm and debris will stay out. USE OF THE HOT TUB IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please shower before and after using the hot tub as some body lotions/etc. mixed with the hot tub chemicals can cause a rash on your skin. Use of the hot tub should be limited to 15-minute increments. No minors. Consult with a physician before using the hot tub. Use caution when entering and exiting the hot tub. Stairs will be provided in front of the hot tub to help prevent any slipping. Do not use hot tub if the stairs are missing. Smoky's Retreat is not responsible for damage to your personal property or for injuries to you or your guests due to the use of the hot tub. **There is a $35 charge if you wish to have an additional cleaning of the hot tub during your stay. This is typically only needed for long stays when the hot tub has been used a lot.**


Mountain roads can be tough at any time of the year. We do not guarantee any road surface conditions. Most roads in our area are well maintained, but they are curvy and steep. In the late fall, winter, and early spring it is not uncommon to occasionally have hazardous road conditions. It is strongly recommended that all guests during these seasons have four-wheel drive and/or chains. Four-Wheel Drive and/or chains does not guarantee that you will be able to access your cabin. Winter road conditions and maintenance are not guaranteed.

We do not issue refunds due to poor road conditions caused by inclement weather or otherwise. You are responsible for your transportation. We cannot provide any transportation for guests nor are we responsible for any towing charges you may incur during your stay. It is the guest responsibility to check weather forecasts and road conditions prior to departing for their getaway.


Be very cautious when entering the cabin during dry, rainy, snowy and icy conditions. Every attempt has been made for your safe entry. There are several door mats. One inside and outside of the front door; and at each of the doors that open up to the decks. Please wipe the rain, snow, and ice off your shoes upon entry to keep from slipping. A bag of salt will be provided to you and stored at the front door and/or under the kitchen sink. You may spread the salt to help prevent snow/ice buildup. Call the owners or housekeeping if the salt is missing or if you need additional salt. Numbers are provided in the handbook left on the island or kitchen table. You may want to bring additional salt with you just in case the weather doesn’t allow for the owner or housekeeping to bring the additional salt to you. A snow shovel is provided in case you need one. If the shovel is not returned, there is a charge of $40 to replace it. Use your own judgment when entering and exiting the cabin or your vehicle. We are not responsible for any injuries to you or your personal property due to bad or poor weather conditions on the public roadways, Smoky’s Retreat front parking area, the front steps and patio, along with the decks or when entering or exiting the hot tub/bath tub


We cannot guarantee that there will be no disruption of utility services. Power disruptions are a common occurrence up in the mountains and occasionally services will be out for a few hours due to a fallen tree here and there. Due to the fact that the area is highly populated with overnight rentals, we tend to be the Utility companies’ first priority.

**During the cold winter months you will need to keep the bath/kitchen faucets dripping along with their lower cabinet doors open to prevent pipes from freezing. There is no refund of rental if this is not done during your stay and the pipes freeze.


Independent Travel Insurance and Cancellation Protection safeguards your non-refundable payment in case you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason. Don’t lose your rental payment should something unexpected happen. The owners of Smoky’s Retreat do NOT recommend any particular cancellation policy or insurance company and guest must research which product is best for them with the help of their Travel Agent.


For the safety of the guest and of the cabin, the cabin is equipped with outside security cameras located in the front of the cabin. Any attempt to disengage or tamper with the security cameras will be immediate loss of damage deposit.

Permission to enter property:

We cannot guarantee that there will be no disruption of utility services. Power disruptions are a common occurrence up in the mountains and occasionally services will be out for a few hours due to a fallen tree here and there. Due to the fact that the area is highly populated with overnight rentals, we tend to be the Utility companies’ first priority.

**During the cold winter months you will need to keep the bath/kitchen faucets dripping along with their lower cabinet doors open to prevent pipes from freezing. There is no refund of rental if this is not done during your stay and the pipes freeze.

Well water is very common in the cabin communities where the water utility companies don’t provide service on top of the mountain ridges. The water for Smoky’s Retreat is provided by a shared well. There is a water treatment system and water softener to treat the water.

Travel Agent waiver:

Smoky’s Retreat and/or the cabin owner are not responsible for any alterations or verbal communications between you and your Travel Agent that would conflict with what has been agreed to in this document.

Uninvited Guests:

During your stay you may find an occasional "uninvited guest" in the form of one of Mother Nature's small creatures. While we treat the property regularly, we hope that you will appreciate the fact that being in the heart of a national forest does create certain challenges in this area.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and all "God's creatures great and small!!! "

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